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- Sunshade Geoengineering More Likely to Improve Global Food Security, Research Suggests
- Hippocampus Plays Bigger Memory Role Than Previously Thought
- 'Saber-Toothed Squirrel': First Known Mammalian Skull from Late Cretaceous in South America
- Scientists Discover New Clue to Chemical Origins of Life
- Targeted Proton Transfer Within a Molecule: Smallest Conceivable Switch
- Why Some Animals Live Longer Than Others
- Possible Hints of Higgs Boson Remain in Latest Analyses, Physicists Say
- New Breed of Electron Interactions in Quantum Systems
- How Genes Organize the Surface of the Brain
- Bees 'Self-Medicate' When Infected With Some Pathogens
- Planet-Sized Object as Cool as Earth Revealed in Record-Breaking Photo
- Scientists Create First Free-Standing 3-D Cloak
- Paint-On Solar Cells Developed
- Offsetting Global Warming: Molecule in Earth's Atmosphere Could 'Cool the Planet'
- Mom's Love Good for Child's Brain
- Researchers Develop Gene Therapy That Could Correct a Common Form of Blindness
- Plant-Eating Dinosaur Discovered in Antarctica
- Over 65 Million Years, North American Mammal Evolution Has Tracked With Climate Change
- Oil from Deepwater Horizon Disaster Entered Food Chain in the Gulf of Mexico
- T. Rex Has Most Powerful Bite of Any Terrestrial Animal Ever
- They Call It 'Guppy Love': Biologists Solve an Evolution Mystery
- Researchers Send 'Wireless' Message Using a Beam of Neutrinos
- Down to the Wire for Silicon: Researchers Create a Wire Four Atoms Wide, One Atom Tall
- Starlings Help Explain Irrational Preferences
- Cold Winters Caused by Warmer Summers, Research Suggests
- Spider Web's Strength Lies in More Than Its Silk
- New Particle at Large Hadron Collider Discovered by ATLAS Experiment
- Comprehensive Picture of the Fate of Oil from Deepwater Horizon Spill
- Earliest Horses Show Past Global Warming Affected Body Size of Mammals
- Quick-Cooking Nanomaterials in Microwave to Make Tomorrow's Air Conditioners
- Just Another Pretty Face: New Insight Into Neural Basis of Prosopagnosia
- Single Antibody Shrinks Variety of Human Tumors Transplanted Into Mice, Study Shows
- Tiny Primate Is Ultrasonic Communicator
- Microbes May Be Engineered to Help Trap Excess Carbon Dioxide Underground
- Archaeologists Find Blade 'Production Lines' Existed as Much as 400,000 Years Ago
- Less Summer Arctic Sea Ice Cover Means Colder, Snowier Winters in Central Europe
- One of the World's Smallest Electronic Circuits Created
- Ionized Plasmas as Cheap Sterilizers for Developing World
- 'Junk DNA' Defines Differences Between Humans and Chimps
- Astronomers Reach New Frontiers of Dark Matter
- Winning Makes People More Aggressive Toward the Defeated
- Ocean Acidification Rate May Be Unprecedented, Study Says
- Evidence for 'Great Lake' On Europa and Potential New Habitat for Life
- Tropical Forests Fertilized by Nitrogen Air Pollution, Scientists Find
- 'Robot Biologist' Solves Complex Problem from Scratch
- Obstacles No Barrier to Higher Speeds for Worms
- Controlling Light at Will: Metamaterials Will Change Optics
- Biggest Ever Study Shows No Link Between Mobile Phone Use and Tumors
- Climate Changes Faster Than Species Can Adapt, Rattlesnake Study Finds
- Acquired Traits Can Be Inherited Via Small RNAs
- Global Sea Level Likely to Rise as Much as 70 Feet for Future Generations
- NASA Orbiter Catches Mars Sand Dunes in Motion
- Hubble Zooms in On Double Nucleus in Andromeda Galaxy
- Genetic Information Migrates from Plant to Plant
- Energy Requirements Make Antarctic Fur Seal Pups Vulnerable to Climate Change
- More Than 7,500-Year-Old Fish Traps Found in Russia
- Ecologists Capture First Deep-Sea Fish Noises
- Study Shows Brain Flexibility, Gives Hope for Natural-Feeling Neuroprosthetics
- It Takes Two: Brains Come Wired for Cooperation, Neuroscientists Discover
- How Marijuana Impairs Memory
- BP Oil Spill Hurt Marshes, but Recovery Possible, Experts Say
- How the Tiger Got Its Stripes: Proving Turing's Tiger Stripe Theory
- Jupiter Helps Halley’s Comet Give Us More Spectacular Meteor Displays
- Brain Imaging Differences Evident at 6 Months in High-Risk Infants Who Later Develop Autism
- Why Spring Is Blooming Marvelous: Switch That Accelerates Flowering Time Discovered
- Early Primate Had Transitional Lemur-Like Grooming Claw
- Glaciers: A Window Into Human Impact On the Global Carbon Cycle
- Yosemite's Alpine Chipmunks Take Genetic Hit from Climate Change
- Chimpanzees Have Police Officers, Too
- Maternal Separation Stresses the Baby, Research Finds
- What Bacteria Don't Know Can Hurt Them
- Crucial Advances in 'Brain Reading' Demonstrated
- New Research Supports Theory of Extraterrestrial Impact
- Astronomers Find Fastest Rotating Star
- Piranha Vs. Arapaima: Engineers Find Inspiration for New Materials in Piranha-Proof Armor
- DNA Traces Cattle Back to a Small Herd Domesticated Around 10,500 Years Ago
- Neanderthal Demise Due to Many Influences, Including Cultural Changes
- Could Siberian Volcanism Have Caused the Earth's Largest Extinction Event?
- Scientists Create First Atomic X-Ray Laser
- Hovering Not Hard If You're Top-Heavy
- Recycling Galaxies Caught in the Act
- New Theory Emerges for Where Some Fish Became Four-Limbed Creatures
- Basketball-Sized Eyes Help Squids Play Defense
- Nanofiber Breakthrough Holds Promise for Medicine and Microprocessors
- Complex Wiring of the Nervous System May Rely On a Just a Handful of Genes and Proteins
- Biologists Replicate Key Evolutionary Step
- Hubble Uncovers Tiny Galaxies Bursting With Starbirth in Early Universe
- Umbilical Cord Stem Cells Converted Into Brain Support Cells
- Robotic Bug Gets Wings, Sheds Light On Evolution of Flight
- Toward Twister Forecasting: Scientists Make Progress in Assessing Tornado Seasons
- NASA Develops Super-Black Material That Absorbs Light Across Multiple Wavelength Bands
- Scientists Reveal Genetic Mutation Depicted in Van Gogh's Sunflower Paintings
- Memory Strengthened by Stimulating Key Site in Brain
- Conformity Linked to the Size of a Brain Region
- Sensing Self and Non-Self: New Research Into Immune Tolerance
- Early Earth May Have Been Prone to Deep Freezes, Study Finds
- Physicists Find Patterns in New State of Matter
- Stranded Dolphins Exhibit Bubbles, and Ability to Recover
- Rebuilding the Brain's Circuitry
- Nasty People in the Media Prime the Brain for Aggression
- Materials for First Optical Fibers With High-Speed Electronic Function Are Developed
- Artificial Thymus Tissue Enables Maturation of Immune Cells
- Icarus Experiment Measures Neutrino Speed: Even Neutrinos Are Not Faster Than Light
- Explosive Evolution Need Not Follow Mass Extinctions, Study of Ancient Zooplankton Finds
- Geologic Map of Jupiter's Moon Io Details an Otherworldly Volcanic Surface
- Ancient Lunar Dynamo May Explain Magnetized Moon Rocks
- Gene Therapy for Inherited Blindness Succeeds in Patients' Other Eye
- Climate Change May Bring Big Ecosystem Shifts, NASA Says

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